Incitec Pivot – Phosphate Hill – Cell 5B

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  • Project Type:Construction
  • Date:May, 2019

GeoQ are contracted by Incitec Pivot to undertake electrical leak detection (ASTM D6747 – 15) utilising both the Water lance (ASTM D77703-16 ) method on bare HDPE geomembrane and also Di-pole testing (ASTM D7007- 16) method through compacted Gypsum.

The electrical leak detection is being undertaken on over 450,000sm of 1.5mm HDPE liners installed by the earthworks and lining contractor.

Project Facts:

  • 450,000m2 of 1.5mm HDPE electrically progressively leak detected.
  • Challenging climatic conditions of over 45 degrees C
  • Significantly remote location.
  • Continuous 3 man GeoQ team dedicated to electrical leak detection activities.