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GeoQ has invested in industry leading Electrical Leak detection equipment from American, European and Unitied Kingdom manufactures. Utilising these manufacturers it ensures GeoQ are at the forefront of electrical leak detection technology. GeoQ are able to undertake a full range of electrical leak detection in accordance with the following ASTM standards:

  • ASTM D6747 – 15- Standard Guide for Selection of Techniques for Electrical Detection of Potential Leak Paths in Geomembranes
  • ASTM D7703-2016 – Standard Practice for Leak Location on Exposed Geomembranes using the Water Lance System
  • ASTM D 7007 -16 Electrical Methods for Locating Leaks in Geomembranes covered with water or earthen material
  • D7953 Electrical Leak Location on Exposed Geomembranes Using ARC testing Method

Once testing is completed, our technical team are able to provide comprehensive reports detailing any potential voids or holes down to the millimeter. Our engineering department uses the latest data analysis software to provide our client visual representation of the area being surveyed.
Our team is ready to travel to any location within Australia and abroad if required to undertake electrical leak detection.

By Abigail Gilson-Beck and Julio Ferreira –

“Designers of geomembrane-lined containment facilities commonly assume two to five leaks per hectare, with each leak of the size or diameter of a few millimeters. A leak is any damage that fully penetrates a geomembrane panel or seam (e.g. hole, perforation, tear, crack or puncture). Typical leaks caused by equipment placing cover material can be orders of magnitude larger than what is typically assumed in design, and may compromise the project. The ASTM D7007 is the standard practice used throughout the world for electrically locating leaks in installed covered geomembranes. For over a decade, this standard has virtually not changed, although significant advances in technology have occurred”


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